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Death and a Broken Heart

Confusing Dreams... or Reality?

Today life is a dream... a dream that is unforunitly, reality.


Today I woke up in a strange environment. I hade no clue were I was. Was I back at home? In a memory? Having a dream? A nightmare? All I know is that this is definitely not my jail cell.

I looked down. I was wearing purple silk pajamas and I was in a soft comfy bed. Not the rags a fell asleep in a on the dark, cold, hard floor last night- if it even was nighttime last time I fell asleep. I then felt my hair. It was tied into lose braids.

I looked around the white plain room I had unexpectedly woke up in. There was a fireplace, a flat screen TV- I was over whelming with joy; I had always wanted one. Then I saw a couch. It had a pile of purple clothes on it. My favorite colour! “This has to be dream” I wondered. But is it? I can honestly tell you, I have no idea whatsoever.

I looked through the pile of clothes. I found a nice dress and some black leggings and purple shoes to go with it. I slipped the dress on; it feels so soft and nice. The felling is so wonderful I can’t explain it in words. The leggings make my legs feel the same way; and the shoes, the shoes are perfect. They match the dress perfectly and are my exact size. I know this is a dream.

“Wake up” I said to myself. “This dream will probably turn into a nightmare” I thought to myself. I needed to do something to wake me up. A sudden blast of cold swept through my body.

I decided to light a fire in the fireplace due to this sudden shock of coldness.

The fire felt so warm on my butt. I almost forgot what I was doing. But then I remembered; I was trying to wake myself up from his dream. This dream that would most likely, knowing my luck, turn into a nightmare.

I walked cautiously toward the door. “Maybe there will be nothing outside just lots of misty white?” I thought to my self. “Maybe that will tell me whether or not this is a dream?” I tried the handle but it was locked. Then I slowly raised my hand and punched myself in the face. Nothing happened except for a brief shot of pain in my face. I know this isn’t a dream.

I have been here for at least a month now. I was watching some hi-def TV. I was always cold. “Maybe its winter” I thought to myself.

I switched to the news channel. “Lots of sun expected on this nice summer day” said a man from the TV. “A great day to go to the family pool.” I became confused. “Why is it cold if its summer? Maybe the air conditioner?” I wondered to myself.

“Caroline!” I heard from the door. I became very scared.

Then the door was pushed open with a great force and in he came…

I was surprised, shocked, amazed. Right in front of me was Harry… Harry Jin. I was so caught up in my surprise that I almost forgot that he had just broken down a door to get to me for some reason. But then my attention become focused on his words, “”Lily and Sophia are in a life and death situation and only you can help them.”