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Death and a Broken Heart

I am Caroline Larren. I have just moved out after attending university with my twin sister; Sophia. I have met a university boyfriend that lives in this area named Harry Jin. I also had a best friend that I have known since the age of two. Her name is Lily Shnakatara. This is how my miserable life started.

I was watching TV. I have always wanted a flat screen but this will do for now I sighed. Then I heard Sophia’s cell phone ring. She was out getting groceries. I picked it up. “Hello?” I said. “Hey it’s Lily. I was just wondering if you would pick me up from the airport or if I was driving to your place?” I was confused, so I stayed silent. “Sophia?” Then I remembered, It was Sophia’s cell phone. “Sorry Lily, my mind was wondering. This isn’t Sophia. It’s Caroline. Sophia forgot her cell phone- she’s grocery shopping right now.” “Can no one tell us apart?” I wondered. “Grocery shopping?” Said Lily. “Ya.” I replied. “Were?” Lily said, her voice suddenly became shocked. “Metro, why?” I said. “Change to the news” She stopped there. I heard a drop, and a scream. Then the line broke up.

I flipped to the news. “And the twelve costumers shopping at Metro where in the dairy section when the shooting happened. Some witnesses say the shooter looked similar to victim Sophia Larren residence of…” I fell silent… Sophia. It must be a different one. Not an uncommon name… I heard the door bell ring. I completely ignored it. I was scared that it was a police officer coming to tell me. I heard it again.

I cautiously went to the door. I opened slowly. There was no one there. Maybe some kid pulling a prank? I stepped outside. “Hands up!” I heard a voice say. I turned my head. A thin police officer with dark hair who’s little name tag said John Serners was pointing a gun at me another one thin with dark hair as well who’s nametag said Chris Smith was also directing a gun at me. “Why?” I said without thinking. “Why?” Said Chris. “Ya, why do you think I’m stupid. Move it.” “But” I said. “But, but, but” Said John mocking me. “You think you wouldn’t be caught if your sister was in the bunch huh? Well you were now come. We have guns, and we are not afraid to use them.”

I went into the car. I was innocent, and I was off to jail… for a lifetime.