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Death and a Broken Heart



I heard a strange voice speaking, yet it was oddly familiar. “Why?” she heard it say. “You agreed to it.” Said a different voice. “Well I just don’t want too anymore” Said the first voice again. “We can do it without you. You have already done enough.”

Everything faded.

A new image appeared in my brain. It was Sophia. “Take this” I heard a voice say. It was not Sophia’s

Everything faded again. Then the horrific image appeared in my head. It was too much for me to handle. I screamed. The image was Harry dieing. A bloody, painful death. That is what woke me.

I awoke screaming in an unfamiliar room. “Shut up!” said a voice. I realized who was right in front of me. John. I was quite- Because I was scared. Lily’s last words still echo in my head. They still haunt my every dream. Death. Beware. John.

“What the hell are you going to do to me!” I screamed without thinking. “Something similar to your boyfriend’s fait should do the trick.” He said.

The image went through my head again. “I don’t care what you do to me.” I said.

Then I collapsed to the ground in utter pain. I felt like blood was gushing out of me at every inch. Like I just fell off the top of the CN tower. I felt more pain then Sophia’s murder at Whole Foods, more then Lily’s struggle for life, more then the image of Harry flying through my head. I’d rather die at this point then live. But all this pain only lasted for a minute. Then I felt fine. I felt sleepy. I crashed to the ground. And I prepared for my end.