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Death and a Broken Heart
Things Get Complicated

  “Why?” I said to myself. “Why is life so miserable?” I walked to my jail cells door and banged on it. I then remembered that when you go to jail you have one free call. “Hello!?” I said half questioning half screaming. “Officer John?!” I said. No one. I have no neighbors. No one came to check up on me. I got a peace of something- I don’t know what every two or three days but I am always sleeping when I get it.

Then I stepped back and stepped in something mushy. I think it was my pee but there was I bit of solidness in it. I turned around. I lifted my foot and saw that I was stepping in my food that was in my pee. “Yum!” I said sarcastically. I get yuck dipped in pee today!” I said sarcastically again.

 I felt sleepy. I yawned. And all went black.

 I then heard voices. I got up. I had been sleeping in my pee with my head on my half-eaten yuck dipped in pee.

 I heard a familiar voice. It’s lush yet week kindness, in an angry tone. It was Lily’s. I stood up and I saw her run in. She was dressed in rags. Her hair was oily and- she was covered in blood. As soon as she saw me, she said, “Caroline” very weakly. “Death … beware… John…” “Lily!” I said. “I…” Her words stopped there. She collapsed to the floor. Her chest heaving in and out, desperate for air. She was in a puddle of blood. Dark. Red. Blood. “No!” I cried. Lily’s chest slowed and stopped. The bleeding continued until her blood was leaking underneath the bars into my cell. Her last words echoed in my head. “Death. Beware. John.” She was telling me something. I just wish I new.

 Death. Beware. John.